Nickname: Chen Mo
English Name: Chandler
Like music, reading, photography and traveling.

I am not eloquent or skilled in comforting,
sometimes paranoid, never disguise,
slow to warm up, yet emotionally intense.

With a simple life and limited knowledge,
not skilled in manipulation, straightforward in nature.
No extraordinary life, just an ordinary person.

Often battered by life,
yet always finding the courage to move forward slowly.

I enjoy traveling, exploring diverse landscapes,
architectures, and local customs of different places.

When turbidity becomes the norm, purity is a sin.

Reluctant to easily believe others,
always defining the world through
personal observations, experiences, and emotions.

I seize the opportunity to capture
the essence of some extraordinary moments with my camera sometimes.

scene scene scene scene scene scene scene scene

I self-taught a wide range of skills in college,
from PPT, Graphic design, UI to Web engineer, Interaction design etc.

PPT UI design design

Participated in the design competition during college,
won awards and joined Toast Studio.
Since then, stepped into the realm of computers,
entering the world of programming.

Worked for Friendess Electronic after graduation.
Met many talented people and realized
the need for further personal growth and accumulation.

Determined to Trinity 9000 kilometers away from home.
Although my ability is far from enough,
I have been trying to broaden my horizon.

Returning to student life brought me a completely different feeling.
With new insights, I re-entered the workplace.
Now I am continuing to explore and move forward at IBM Corporation.

Line background

When combining my thoughts and passions together,
and creating something intriguing,
it truly brings a tremendous sense of fulfillment.

Personal Blog

A personal blog using WordPress on a cloud server. It features a new neumorphic design style and is used to publish programming-related content, documenting programming notes and the problems encountered during the learning process.

Later on, I also started including some miscellaneous personal thoughts in the blog, serving as a buffer for my cluttered mind.


My Emoji

When writing blog posts or coding, I always like to add emoji icons to make things more interesting. It's easy to do on a phone, but not as convenient on a computer. So, I decided to create an emoji website using the trendy glassmorphism design style that became popular in 2020.


Little Cookies

One of the greatest satisfactions is when something I developed can be used by others.
Little Cookies is a university web-based question bank developed using the neumorphic UI design style and Vue framework. It also includes a music player and a stylish task manager with cool sound effects.



If a person doesn't read, their perspective will be determined solely by those around them.
In today's fast-paced society, it seems to breed people's hostility. The negative content on social media is undoubtedly off-putting. Reading short stories by great writers helps to distance oneself from restlessness and cultivate one's character.

book-showcase book-showcase book-showcase

Want to know more?
Everything you need is here.

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